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What browsers are supported?

While all browsers are supported, Google Chrome is recommended for optimal performance.

How do I reset my password and/or Unlock my Account?

On the main login page you should see a "Reset Password" link. Select this to get an email that will allow you to reset your password. If you have entered your password incorrectly 5 times, you will need to unlock your account before you can reset the password. If you do not recieve or have lost the unlock instructions you can resend them by selecting the "Resend Unlock Instructions" link.

Why do I keep getting this error?

1 error prevented this user from being saved:

  • Password was not saved. This password has previously appeared in a data breach and should never be used. If you have ever used it anywhere before, change it immediately!
  • For security purposes, we evaluate all passwords against a database to ensure the password is still secure. If the password has ever appeared in a data breach (and thus can found in this database) our system will not let you use that password. Simply pick a new, more secure password, and the error will resolve.

    Trying to sign in and I get a Page Not Found error.

    Make sure the URL you are navigating to is https://engage.mavericksolutions.com with nothing before the Engage. Once you are signed in, the system will redirect you to your proper organization.

    Does ENGAGE meet any compliance standards?

    Yes, ENGAGE is now WCAG-AA and Section 508 compliant.

    What data is tracked for reporting to my organization?

    Your organization will have access to reports that can tell

    • If you’ve logged in
    • What you search for
    • Which learning modules or learning paths you have accessed
    • Which learning modules you have printed
    • Your assignment completion status

    This allows your organization to better organize their training for an optimal learning experience.

    Where did the Learning Paths and Custom Content tabs go?

    Learning Paths and Custom Content are now both available in the Explore tab. Learning Paths are still separate from the libraries while Custom Content is integrated with the Standard Content in the libraries however your organization sees fit. If you are having difficulty finding a piece of content, look it up in the Search bar! The search bar can now return results for phrases within the content as well as phrases in the title of the content.

    Can I print out the material if I want a paper copy to reference?

    Yes, all topics and tutorials can be printed off.

    What if I don’t see the content I need to train with? (Pillars and Topics)

    Submit a request to your company to request additional training modules from Maverick. If your company believes that the training modules should already exist and you are not finding them in the search bar, have your company log a detailed ticket with their Client Success Manager.

    What is the difference between a learning path and an assignment?

    Learning paths are available as a resource for users to review, while assignments are specifically chosen for you based on your role or processes you are involved in. You are responsible for completing your assignments, and your progress will be tracked.

    What if I didn't mean to give myself an assignment?

    Reach out to your Maverick Client Success Manager for assistance in removing self-enrolled assignments. You will not be able to delete any assignments given to you by your company’s training program.

    What if I don't see an assignment I should have?

    If you feel you have been given an assignment in error or do not have an assignment you are expecting, reach out to your Maverick Client Success Specialist.

    Who sees my completion rate for my assignments?

    You can see your own progress on assignments from the My Assignments tab. Your Maverick Client Success Manager and training program leaders at your organization will also be able to view your assignment progress.

    Can I save a topic or tutorial?

    If you wish to save a physical copy of a topic or tutorial, you have the option to print to save the topic or tutorial as a PDF. You can also use the Search and Library pages to relocate any topics or tutorials at a later date.

    Why do certain assignments not have due dates?

    By default, any assignments you self-assign will not have due dates. Your manager or project lead may also decide not to assign due dates.

    Still have questions?

    Reach out to Support Here :